Traffic Flow

Important! Cline is no longer using School Dismissal Manager App!

Arrival and dismissal procedures are critical parts of our school safety plan. It takes everyone doing their part to make sure that students arrive and depart in a safe manner. Safety of our staff and students is our highest priority!

Transportation options at the new Cline campus are: FISD bus rider, day care, car rider, walker/bike.

To have a safe and orderly dismissal, Cline staff will dismiss students using a “Wave” system. FISD bus riders will be dismissed first, then daycare riders, walker/bikers, and finally car riders will be dismissed. Dismissal starts at 2:45 p.m.

Cline traffic flow


FISD Bus rider

Bus registration will be done through Skyward when Online Verification is completed beginning August 6th. If at any time you no longer need transportation, please update your child’s transportation needs in Skyward.

If a transportation change is needed for a PK-5 student, send a written note to the homeroom teacher detailing the change to car rider, day care transport, walker, or bus rider. Please indicate what route number the student will ride and the home address.

To look up your exact information regarding bus stops, click HERE.

Day Care rider

Day care transportation is provided by each daycare. Parents are responsible to ensure that the daycare they have chosen, provides transportation to Cline Elementary. FISD does not provide transportation to daycares. Day care riders will dismiss from our bus loop after the FISD busses have departed.

Walker / biker

For safety purposes, only 3rd grade through 5th grade students may walk or bike to and from school without a parent. Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade will only be released if the parent is present. (Exceptions will be made if an older sibling [3rd-5th grade] is present with the younger sibling and parent permission is on file with the school). Walkers will be released at the courtyard gates. Parents will need to show the school provided placard with their student’s name on it.

There will be three crossing guards who will assist walkers and bikers at the following locations. Friendswood Lakes Blvd and West Blvd., Pleasant Hill Dr. and West Blvd., and Davis Prairie Ln. and West Blvd.

Cline walking zones

The map below shows the area where FISD transportation is not provided. Should you choose to walk or ride a bike, please review the maps with your child.

Cline not picked up by bus

Car / Golfcart Rider

All cars and golfcarts will use the same drop off and pickup line.

This year, we will be using the Car Rider Pro system that utilizes a tag system and students will be released in the order you entered the parking log. Each family will be issued a tag. Extra tags will be available for purchase.

This system will not be up and running for the first week of school, therefore we will use a name card system.Each family will receive placard with the student’s name printed on it at meet and greet. This should be placed on the right side of your dashboard so that it is visible to our staff. We will be using this system until the Car Rider Pro system is installed and activated.

Keep the card in your card throughout the year as a backup.


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