New Cline Q&A

Q1: What are the upcoming dates for New Cline?
Aug 1: Admin Staff move in.
Aug 5 & 6: Teachers come in to unpack boxes.
Aug 7: Official first day back for teachers & staff.
Aug 15: First Day of School.

Q2: What is the current enrollment and capacity of the new campus?
A: The projected enrollment is 795 students and capacity of the new campus is 900 students.

Q3: Which neighborhoods are zoned to the new campus?
A: You can find the zoning information for the new campus at this link: [Neighborhood Zoning Map]

Q4: Can the playground equipment be used by the community?
A: The playground equipment can be used by the community unless a fence and locked gate prevent its use.

Q5: Will there be crossing guards?
A: Yes, there will be crossing guards.

Q6: Was a traffic study done? How will that affect side streets and backing up into the neighborhood?
A: Yes, a traffic study was done before the school was built. The logistical information resulting from the study will be posted soon.

Q7: Will there be buses or just car riders and walkers?
A: There will be buses, car riders, and walkers.

Q8: How can residents stay informed and get updates on the new school if the HOA has not been involved from the beginning?
A: Cline Updates will be added to this Q&A and posted on social media.  A new website feature called "Let's Chat" will be introduced by August, allowing residents to submit questions and receive responses within 48 hours.

Q9: Will the school be ready for the first day?
A: Cline will be operational on the first day of school, which falls on August 15th. However, ongoing work will still be required to achieve its completion. The district intends to organize a dedication ceremony, and more information about the ceremony's specifics and date will be provided shortly.